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Next-generation sequencing in cancer

With recent advancements in technology, genomic medicine is continuously becoming more accessible to clinicians worldwide. Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has become a widely implemented technique that allows cost-efficient sequencing of a high number of base nucleotides in a short time frame. With the use of NGS, gene alterations in various common diseases have become detectable and […]

Edinburgh Genetics in Ghana

Edinburgh Genetics is pleased to donate to AfriKids, an independent charity that provides support to children across Ghana. AfriKids’ Covid-19 prevention activities have reached over 350,000 people in northern Ghana (and over 710,000 further indirectly), representing approximately 30% of the population of the Upper East Region. The tests received by AfriKids meant that the charity […]

WHO Yemen Public Health Forum

Alasdair Young, Director at Edinburgh Genetics participated in a discussion with Dr Qasem Buhaibeh, Minister of Public Health & Population, Republic of Yemen, Dr Adham Rashad Abdel-Moneim, WHO Representative to the Republic of Yemen to discuss the challenges Yemen is facing in the fight to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and strategies in strengthening public […]

COVID-19 Antigen Regulatory Approval in Argentina

Edinburgh Genetics is pleased to announce that Edinburgh Genetics ActivXpress+ COVID-19 Antigen Complete Testing Kit has received regulatory approval in Argentina after evaluation by the Ministerio de Salud.  ‘The approval by the Argentine authorities reflects our commitment to quality. We look forward to continue working with our partners in Argentina to expand the reach of […]

COVID-19 Antigen Clinical Trial in Colombia

The government of Columbia has recently performed a clinical evaluation of the Edinburgh Genetics ActivXpress+ COVID-19 Antigen Complete Testing Kit with a sample size of over 140 samples. Results show a sensitivity of 90.60% and specificity of 100%.  ‘Since September when we started mass manufacturing of COVID-19 antigen tests, we have supplied the tests to […]

Supplies to the Czech Government

We have successfully delivered over 60,000 immunoassay antibody tests to the Administration of State Material Reserves of the Czech Republic (SSHR). The tests are to be used throughout the Czech Republic for testing cases of prior infection.  ‘The Czech Republic is an important market for Edinburgh Genetics. Our high-quality diagnostic products have been used around […]

Regulatory Approval in Argentina

Edinburgh Genetics is pleased to announce that our immunoassay products have received regulatory approval by Administración Nacional de Medicamentos, Alimentos y Tecnología Médica (National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology) in Argentina.  ‘We are grateful for the work our local partners and the ministry in Argentina have done to improve local access to high […]

Regulatory approval in India

Edinburgh Genetics is pleased to announce that our immunoassay products have received regulatory approval in India. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) validated 600 tests with highly encouraging results. “We are grateful for the hard work our local partners have done to make this happen. We believe our easy to use and cost-effective products […]

Edinburgh Genetics COVID Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test

At Edinburgh Genetics, we have been working on developing a COVID antigen rapid diagnostic test that can accurately detect active infection in under 20 minutes with no instrument required. A preliminary validation study involving 42 positive samples and 143 negative samples yielded sensitivity of 88.1% and specificity of 100% with no cross-reactivity with Human coronavirus […]

ISO 13485 Quality Management Audit

After a busy couple weeks at our quality and regulatory team, we have passed with flying colours in our annual ISO 13485 audit, the medical device industry’s most widely recognised quality management standard globally. ‘At Edinburgh Genetics, we constantly work to maintain a robust quality management system. I want to thank our quality and regulatory […]