COVID-19 Testing Kits

At Edinburgh Genetics, we manufacture and supply a range of CE-IVD COVID-19 testing kits, reagents and laboratory equipment. 

COVID-19 Immunoassay Testing Kits


• Detects IgG and IgM antibodies simultaneously. 

• Only requires a small drop of blood. 

• Test results can be available in 10-15 minutes with no instrument required. 

• Room temperature storage 

• Long shelf life of 18 months 

• Small and easy to transport 

COVID-19 Real-time PCR Testing Kits

• CE-IVD . 

• Rapid detection of the COVID-19 strain 

• No reaction to other related coronavirus strains 

• High priming efficiency

• Accurate controls to confirm extraction, and assay validity 

• Highly specific detection profile