Edinburgh Genetics COVID Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test

At Edinburgh Genetics, we have been working on developing a COVID antigen rapid diagnostic test that can accurately detect active infection in under 20 minutes with no instrument required.

A preliminary validation study involving 42 positive samples and 143 negative samples yielded sensitivity of 88.1% and specificity of 100% with no cross-reactivity with Human coronavirus 229E, Human coronavirus OC43, Human coronavirus HKU1, Influenza A (H1N1), Influenza B (Yamagata) and the Adenovirus. Further trials are already underway.

‘Most COVID testing is currently done using PCR, which is not suitable for point of care or in locations where access to suitable laboratory equipment is impractical. There is currently a huge disparity in access to testing in different countries and we believe a reliable and cost-effective rapid antigen product will hugely improve access to testing globally. The initial validation results are hugely encouraging and I want to thank our R&D colleagues, partners and suppliers for their hard work. We have made further improvements to the product for further validation and we are preparing the product for regulatory approval and market.’

Alasdair Young, Director