Image by Lukasz Szmigiel


Sustainability and protecting the environment are a priority at Edinburgh Genetics. We are fully committed to improving our environmental performance. Our approach to protecting the environment is to set long-term goals to address the environmentally significant impacts from our products and business operations. Our operations are ISO 14001:2015 certified and we commit to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2030.



We will achieve carbon neutrality by reducing emissions, improving energy efficiency, sourcing renewable electricity, and procuring and retiring high-quality carbon offsets. Electricity generation is the leading cause of industrial air pollution. Producing energy from these resources takes a severe toll on our environment, polluting our air, land, and water. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions combats climate change. Switching to renewable energy not only reduces carbon emissions from fossil fuels but also provides energy security.

Suppliers, employees and customers are also encouraged to commit to achieving Net-Zero. We project that carbon emissions will decrease over the next five years by 72%.