Edinburgh Genetics adheres to the principles of sustainable development as a foundation for innovative and successful business activities. Providing solutions for today’s needs without negatively affecting the ability of those in the future to meet their own needs is at the core of Edinburgh Genetics’ operating principles around sustainability. There are many factors understood to affect sustainable practices including environmental, social, and economic. Edinburgh Genetics strive to balance equally the interests of these factors.

Environmental Management and ISO 14001

Edinburgh Genetics is committed to responsible waste management, most of the production waste is recycled. Even the PPE worn by staff is washable, reducing waste. The amount of waste from the manufacturing process which is recycled is consistently monitored with the intention to increase recycling year on year. Improving resource efficiency concerning packaging is used to minimize the amount of packaging waste associated with the product whilst ensuring the product reaches its’ destination safely.

Edinburgh Genetics aim to reduce the CO2 footprint of their products by manufacturing in the United Kingdom. Manufacturing in the United Kingdom reduces airmiles of the products significantly.

Edinburgh Genetics’ outlook concerning environmental management aims to increase customer trust, meet legal obligations, improve environmental impact, and remain consistent with meeting environmental obligations.

Edinburgh Genetics plan to obtain the Environmental Management System certificate ISO 14001. The outcome of this will be to enhance environmental performance, fulfil compliance obligations and achieve environmental objectives.