Targeted sequencing enriches specific genomic regions to allow sequencing reads to be optimised in regions that are of interest. Our panels are designed and built to suit different panel sizes, target regions, and multiplexing requirements.



Indexed NGS libraries are prepared from DNA using the library preparation kit. Solution-based target capture for enrichment employs probes designed for optimised coverage and depth to capture target sequences in an NGS library. Based on the typing requirements of different genes. Probes are carefully selected to avoid off-target capture, taking into account relevant genomic events. Following hybridisation a wash step is used to remove unbound ’off-target’ DNA, thus enriching the sequencing library for the regions of interest. The accuracy, simplicity and utility of the hybridisation approach are well demonstrated. 

The library can further be WGS sequenced at a chosen depth based on cost, throughput and data output requirements.

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