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egSEQ Comprehensive Solid Tumours

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egSEQ Comprehensive Solid Tumours Panel is a hybridisation-based targeted sequencing panel covering 641 genes, 15 MSI sites and 38 fusion sites related to solid tumours and targeted therapies, allowing accurate, comprehensive and cost-effective analysis of all types of mutations, including SNVs, InDels, CNVs, and rearrangements. egSEQ Comprehensive Solid Tumours Panel provides a comprehensive approach to analysing actionable biomarkers relevant to oncological diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy.


  • 2.13Mb target region coverage, including 641 genes and 38 gene fusion intron regions.

  • TMB and MSI for immunotherapy evaluation.

  • Market-leading capture efficiency of up to 75% and exceptional uniformity with 20X > 99%.

  • Available with UMI adapter for more precise analysis.


  • Targeted therapy and concomitant diagnosis.

  • Mutation analysis of tumour-related genes.

  • Suitable for patients with existing solid tumours and those with a family history.

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