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Targeted Sequencing

Leading precision and efficiency 

Targeted sequencing enriches specific genomic regions to allow sequencing reads to be optimised in regions that are of interest. We have a range of off-the-shelf panels ready to use; alternatively, why not design your own with our team, specifically designed and built to suit different genomic regions, panel sizes, and multiplexing requirements?




egSEQ Hybridisation Capture is a solution-based hybridisation capture solution employing synthesised probes to capture target sequences in an NGS library, such as SNPs, InDels, CNVs, SVs, gene fusions and MSI, egSEQ Hybridisation Capture solutions utilise RNA-based probes, ensuring better capture efficiency and depth of coverage with excellent uniformity.

  • Ideal for targeting SNV, InDel, CNV, STR, Fusion, Pathogen etc.

  • Suitable for large regions of interest

  • Optimal depth and uniformity of coverage

  • Simple reads to genome alignment

  • High sensitivity for variant calling

  • Highly specific

egSEQ Hybridisation Capture




egSEQ Amplicon is a multiplex PCR-based targeted sequencing solution that uses designed PCR primers to flank genetic targets and specifically amplify regions of interest. After amplification, targets of interest are amplified in a multiplex PCR reaction. Primer-dimers, non-specific PCR products, and complex molecular debris are biochemically removed before libraries are barcoded with sample indexes.


The combination of expert primer design and innovative multiplex PCR-based targeted sequencing and library preparation provides multiplexing capability, low input requirement, high sensitivity, easy-to follow workflow, and cost-effective amplicon sequencing.


  • Low sample input requirements

  • Ideal for analysing SNV, insertion and deletion (under 50bp)

  • Simple and fast workflow

  • Exceptional on-read target rates

  • Effective enrichment

  • Highly specific

egSEQ Amplicon

Science Lab


Contact Edinburgh Genetics today to learn more about egSEQ and discuss how our solutions can elevate your research or diagnostic capabilities.

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