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Product Development

Diagnostic development demands a deep understanding of disease pathways, biomarker identification, and assay optimisation. Edinburgh Genetics excels by leveraging its expertise in molecular biology, genetics, and diagnostics. Our team's expertise in diagnostics encompasses a wide range of techniques, including immunoassays, biochemical assays, nucleic acid amplification, and NGS.

Concept Development

Developing a new device starts with concept ideas. Scientists assess if the ideas are technically achievable and make a detailed plan. Market research ensures the device fills a need and can be profitable. Financials consider development costs and potential returns. A promising concept is then designed with prototypes built. Potential risks are identified early on so solutions can be planned. Finally, regulatory experts ensure the device meets approval requirements for different markets.

Verification & Analytical Validation

We understand that the accuracy and reliability of IVD medical devices are paramount to their clinical utility. As part of our commitment to excellence, we rigorously implement verification and validation processes to guarantee that diagnostic solutions meet the highest standards of performance and safety

Clinical validation

Our commitment to clinical validation goes hand in hand with our dedication to advancing healthcare. By fostering ongoing collaborations with healthcare providers and researchers, we ensure that devices continue to evolve and meet the changing needs of patients and clinicians.

Market Access

We recognise that seamless market access is vital to ensuring that these innovations reach healthcare providers and, ultimately, the patients who benefit from them. We have cultivated a global presence and established strong relationships with distributors, healthcare providers, reaching institutions, hospitals, clinics, and laboratories throughout Europe and around the world. These enduring partnerships underscore our dedication to advancing healthcare through innovative medical solutions.

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Working collaboratively with our customers, our genomic experts customise NGS panels, laboratory workflows and analysis pipelines to meet individual demand and needs.


Get in touch with us for an initial consultation to discuss your project and what we can offer.

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