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Unlocking insights from complex data, transforming data into knowledge

Data Processing and Analysis

Our bioinformaticians are skilled in processing and analysing high-throughput genomic data generated from various platforms. We apply robust algorithms and statistical methods to extract meaningful insights.


Variant Calling and Annotation

We identify and annotate genetic variants, providing valuable information about their functional significance and potential clinical relevance.


Pathway and Network Analysis

Our expertise extends to pathway and network analysis, allowing researchers to uncover the biological processes and interactions underlying their findings


Biomarker Identification

We collaborate with researchers to identify potential biomarkers associated with diseases, drug responses, and therapeutic outcomes. Our comprehensive approach includes genomics, proteomics, and transcriptomics

ML and AI Models Building

Harnessing the Power of Data Science

Algorithm Development

Our data scientists develop custom machine learning and AI algorithms tailored to specific research objectives. These algorithms enhance data analysis and enable predictive modelling.


Predictive Modelling

We build predictive models for disease risk assessment, treatment response prediction, and patient stratification. These models aid in personalising healthcare and optimising clinical decisions.

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Working collaboratively with our customers, our genomic experts customise NGS panels, laboratory workflows and analysis pipelines to meet individual demand and needs.


Get in touch with us for an initial consultation to discuss your project and what we can offer.

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