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We work closely with suppliers and invest in long-term supplier partnerships and innovation. We believe inclusive procurement practices create long-term value for our clients and our communities, while helping us remain agile, disruptive and ahead of the market. By incorporating diverse businesses into our supply chain, we gain access to innovative, responsive and cost-competitive supply solutions for our clients.


Supplier Diversity is about providing a platform of opportunity for businesses into our supply chain. Our procurement process strives to acquire goods and services that meet our service, quality, cost, innovation, risk and sustainability standards. To promote the objectives of the policy, we work with sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure they also work to meeting equality standards. By supporting the development of diverse suppliers and helping others in our supply chain to do the same, we can enhance the economic and social benefits that a more inclusive and equal procurement process delivers. Providing support to underrepresented groups and businesses from these groups who do not currently provide services to Edinburgh Genetics, will help to ensure that as many businesses as possible meet our selection criteria, increasing diversity of a supply chain.


We tailor our expectations depending on the type of business needed and the type of supplier involved. There is flexibility with smaller businesses, who may not have the resources, for example, to commit to community engagement work. Smaller businesses may need extra support. Therefore, a one-size fits all approach will not work, and flexibility is required and reasonably accommodated. However, this does not negate the supplier’s legal duties to have suitable policies in place or to sign a commitment letter expressing their support to Edinburgh Genetics’ ethos and approach to diversity and inclusion.

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