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Image by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


Go Beyond Genomes: Explore Functional Microbes in Action​

Enter metatranscriptomics, a revolutionary approach that analyses the collective RNA of a microbial community, the metatranscriptome. This unveils the genes being expressed by the microbes, providing a snapshot of their functional activity in a specific environment.

Unveil the hidden story of microbial activity. Partner with Edinburgh Genetics for your metatranscriptomic analysis needs. Contact us today to discuss your research project and explore the exciting world of functional microbial communities!



By analysing the metatranscriptome, our team of experts can:

  • Identify active genes: Pinpoint which genes are being expressed by the microbial community, revealing their current metabolic processes and functional roles.

  • Track dynamic changes: Monitor how microbial activity shifts in response to environmental changes or perturbations.

  • Discover novel functions: Uncover previously unknown metabolic pathways and functionalities within the microbiome.


Applications of Metatranscriptomics

Metatranscriptomics holds immense potential across various fields, including:

  • Human health: Investigate how the gut microbiome's functional activity impacts human health and disease.

  • Environmental science: Understand the role of microbial communities in biodegradation, nutrient cycling, and ecosystem health.

  • Agriculture: Optimize agricultural practices by analyzing the functional potential of the soil microbiome for nutrient fixation and plant growth promotion.

  • Biotechnology: Discover novel enzymes and biomolecules produced by microbes for industrial applications.


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