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egSEQ Whole Exome

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Customisable human whole exome sequencing (WES) solutions with market leading performance.

egSEQ Exome Core Panel


  • Comprehensive CDS Coverage

    • egSEQ Exome Panels are specially optimised to capture CDS regions comprehensively with market leading effective coverage of up to 99.88%.

  • Optimised for Difficult to Capture Areas

    • Enhanced targeting of difficult-to-capture regions such as high GC regions and repeated sequences.

  • Highly Uniform Coverage

  • Cost-Effective

    • Flexible multiplying of up to 12-plex.

    • Efficient data generation with 8~8.5 Gb of raw data/100X effective sequencing depth.

    • Combine egSEQ DNA Library Prep with egSEQ Exome for a cost-effective and seamless DNA library preparation and hybridisation whole exome sequencing solution.


egSEQ Exome Inherit Panel

Specifically designed and optimised for clinicians and researchers of heritable diseases

egSEQ Exome Inherit offers enhanced performance in SNV, InDel, CNV and other relevant variants.

  • Genome-wide coverage of CNVs

CNVs, caused by genomic rearrangements may occur on a genome-wide scale. egSEQ Exome Inherit adds a genome-wide high-density SNP backbone to cover CNVs comprehensively.

  • Thorough ClinVar Coverage

Coverage of key variants in non-coding regions allowing comprehensive ClinVar coverage.

  • Full-length coverage of mtDNA

egSEQ Exome Inherit captures the full-length mtDNA of 16569bp, providing important mutation information of mitochondrial genetic diseases.

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