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egSEQ hybridisation capture with low-depth WGS as a high-throughput population genomics solution

Utilising the power of NGS, population genomics is advancing our understanding of human and animal health, evolution, ecology, conservation, and agriculture with unprecedented power and accuracy. Increasingly affordable sequencing costs enable DNA sequencing to be feasible for large-scale genomic sequencing projects, with some targeting participant populations numbering in the millions.

egSEQ hybridisation capture with low-depth WGS is a cost-effective high-throughput solution that combines low-depth whole genome sequencing (WGS) with higher-depth coverage of pre-selected target regions on the genome, such that a single sequencing run simultaneously yields low-depth sequence data across the genome at the same time as assaying specific SNPs, variants, or genes of interest with clinical-grade accuracy. Compared with a traditional genotyping assay, this solution provides an order of magnitude more data and enables the discovery of novel variants with higher statistical power. egSEQ library preparation solution is designed to be compatible with a range of automation platforms to address throughput needs.

As sequencing costs continue to fall, researchers have the potential of increasing the amount and power of the data generated while lowering overall costs. Scientists are also able to customise sequencing depth based on the samples, for example, samples from known groups of interest such as underrepresented ethnic groups.

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