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Investigating the complete genomic dataset of Birch Betula for the UK National Tree Seed Project

Over recent decades there has been a dramatic increase in the number of novel pests and diseases attacking trees in the UK. Furthermore, changing temperatures and more extreme weather events mean that woodlands are subject to risks from changing phenology, drought, fire, and invasive species. Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, an internationally important botanical research and education institution launched the UK National Tree Seed Project (UKNTSP) in 2013 to support conservation and research. The project is researching to deliver a better understanding of the population genetics of UK trees and shrubs, and how to optimise their seed storage and germination procedures.

Utilising our innovative library preparation with whole genome sequencing (WGS), our NGS experts generated the most comprehensive genomic dataset for researchers to develop a national repository of plant material and associated knowledge, for long-term conservation, and to make these resources available to users, to better understand and manage tree and shrub species in the UK landscape.

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