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Launch of egSEQ NGS Reagents

Edinburgh Genetics are delighted to announce the launch of a suite of reagents for both library preparation and target capture under our very own egSEQ brand.


Used in our laboratory in the Pentlands Science Park since 2020 and by our strategic partners in Europe, egSEQ reagents are now available for use by laboratories around the globe. 


The egSEQ product range is designed to empower healthcare professionals and researchers with precise, reliable, and comprehensive genetic insights. They offer unparalleled accuracy and depth in genetic analysis, facilitating the detection and understanding of a wide array of genetic conditions and mutations – all at a market-leading price. 


The range is further characterised by its flexibility and ease of use – all targeted panels can be customised to capture only the parts of the genome which are of interest to the user. Design files and consultation are provided free of charge.


Key features of the egSEQ Product Range Include:

- High Sensitivity and Specificity: Ensuring accurate detection of genetic variants, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions, deletions, and more complex mutations.

- Comprehensive Analysis: Covering a broad spectrum of genetic markers across numerous genes associated with inherited diseases and conditions.

- User-friendly Design: Simplifying the genetic testing process, making it more accessible to laboratories around the world.

- Rapid Results: Delivering fast turnaround times from sample to insight, accelerating the path to diagnosis and treatment.



Image by Muhammad Syafi Al - adam


Working collaboratively with our customers, our genomic experts customise NGS panels, laboratory workflows and analysis pipelines to meet individual demand and needs.


Get in touch with us for an initial consultation to discuss your project and what we can offer.

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