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Whole Exome Sequencing of Endangered Harlequin Frogs


In order to avoid extinction in a quickly changing environment, a species must adapt rapidly to avoid extinction. A group of researchers in Panama used a whole exome sequencing approach on 186 samples of two closely related harlequin frog species (Atelopus varius and Atelopus zeteki). With the aim of testing the hypothesis that some A. varius populations have evolved over a short period of time to become less susceptible to Bd infection. The researchers evaluated the amount and distribution of genetic variation among the historical A. varius and A. zeteki populations, in order to analyse the genetic diversity over time. A set of candidate genes were discovered for Bd resistance and there was some evidence of recent migration and gene flow in one of the largest persisting A. varius populations in Panamá.

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Byrne, A. Q., Richards‐Zawacki, C. L., Voyles, J., Bi, K., Ibáñez, R., & Rosenblum, E. B. (2021). Whole exome sequencing identifies the potential for genetic rescue in iconic and critically endangered Panamanian harlequin frogs. Global Change Biology, 27(1), 50-70


Image by Muhammad Syafi Al - adam


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