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egSEQ Cap Beads are tailored for hybridisation capture experiments, enabling the selective separation of captured DNA from the rest of the sample. The high affinity of streptavidin for biotin, incorporated into the capture probes, allows for the purification of captured DNA through magnetic separation. Using nuclease-free water in conjunction helps to ensure the integrity of the sample, improving the accuracy and reliability of the results.


Streptavidin-Biotin Affinity

  • Leveraging the high-affinity interaction between streptavidin and biotin, which is incorporated into capture probes, these beads provide a highly specific and reliable method for DNA purification. This minimizes the risk of non-specific binding and contamination.


Magnetic Separation

  • The magnetic properties of egSEQ Cap Beads simplify the DNA purification process. This magnetic separation technique reduces hands-on time, improves efficiency, and minimizes the risk of sample loss, ensuring consistent results.


Preservation of Sample Integrity 

  • When used with nuclease-free water, egSEQ Cap Beads help safeguard the integrity of your DNA sample. This preservation of sample quality enhances the accuracy and reliability of downstream sequencing and analysis.


Streamlined Workflow

  • Incorporating these beads into your hybridisation capture workflow streamlines the process, saving time and resources, and increasing the throughput of your experiments.


Consistency and Reproducibility

  • Enjoy consistent and reproducible results across experiments with the reliability of egSEQ Cap Beads, reducing the need for extensive optimisation.

egSEQ Cap Beads & Nuclease-Free Water

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