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egSEQ Eco Universal Blocking Oligo offers a maximum blocking capacity of 3 micrograms, ensuring that you have ample power to control and fine-tune your hybridisation reactions according to the needs of your research.


In hybridisation capture experiments, the challenge of non-specific binding can obscure the true signals of interest. Our egSEQ Eco Universal Blocking Oligo serves as your guardian against this issue. These oligos act as sentinels, preventing the capture probes from binding to regions of the target DNA that are not of interest. By effectively blocking these extraneous interactions, background noise is reduced to a minimum.


The strategic placement of egSEQ oligos in your hybridisation workflow significantly enhances the specificity of the capture. This precision ensures that only the DNA sequences of utmost interest are captured, leaving irrelevant regions untouched. As a result, your hybridisation reactions achieve unparalleled accuracy and sensitivity.

egSEQ Eco Universal Blocking Oligo

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