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egSEQ Pure Beads are ideal for precisely selecting the desired fragment size range of your NGS library, ensuring that you capture the genetic information most relevant to your research. This capability is crucial for optimizing downstream sequencing results. 


Post-PCR, egSEQ Pure Beads enable efficient removal of unincorporated primers, dNTPs, and other contaminants, ensuring your DNA is ready for the next sequencing step without interference. When working with fragmented DNA samples, such as those from shearing or DNA extraction, our beads facilitate rapid and reliable purification, allowing you to isolate your target fragments with ease.


High Yield

  • With a binding capacity optimized for maximum yield, egSEQ Pure Beads ensure you recover the highest possible amount of your DNA of interest, even from low-input samples.


Stringent Purity

  • Achieve unparalleled purity with minimal impurities or contaminants, guaranteeing that your NGS data remains pristine and reliable.



  • egSEQ Pure Beads seamlessly integrate into various NGS library preparation protocols, making them versatile and adaptable to your specific research needs.

egSEQ Pure Beads

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